Please Work Icemaker, Please!

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Below are a few tips and quick fixes for those handy around the house as well as simple mechanics. However, if these methods fail… its best to call the appliance repair pro’s in Houston. A-1 !!!

Step 1: Many NEW refrigerators or NEWER refrigerators sometimes have simple installation problems. Make sure the freezer has cooled down enough after installation. If the doors had to be removed to install the refrigerator, make sure the wiring harness has been properly reattached. If the filter is plugged with sediment, you may not get any water either. Ice makers need about 40 psi to fill properly. Make sure the water supply valve is turned on to the unit. This valve is usually located under the kitchen sink and has a 1/4 inch copper line running from it to the refrigerator. Turn it counter-clockwise to make sure the valve is completely open. Check that the plastic fill tube hasn’t come out of the back of the refrigerator. Occasionally, this fill tube may freeze. The way to check on the tube is to remove the ice maker and then look at the fill tube. If it is frozen, you will probably need to replace the water fill valve. Double check and verify that the icemaker is plugged in and turned on. The wire arm will be in the down position if it is on.

If there is water to the icemaker but not to the water dispenser, check the dispenser tank. If it is frozen, you can turn the thermostat up to increase the air circulation in the refrigerator. This ought to help thaw the tank.

Remember, if this does not and all else fails- call one of our appliance repair pro’s in Houston. A-1 is available for same day appointments.

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