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Frigidaire Appliance Repair Houston Authorized Service

A-1 Appliance Repair is Houston’s premiere Frigidaire Appliance Repair Center. If you are in need of Frigidaire Appliance repair in the Houston area we are the ones to call. We have been proudly serving the Houston area for years and our techs have a combined 40+ years of experience. A-1 Appliance Repair Houston offers Frigidaire appliance repair free estimates. We specialize in Frigidaire Washer Repair, Frigidaire Dryer repair, Frigidaire Refrigerator repair, Frigidaire Freezer repair, Frigidaire Ice Machine repair, Frigidaire Ice Machine repair, Frigidaire Cook Top repair, Frigidaire Vent Hood repair, Frigidaire Range repair, Frigidaire Oven repair, Frigidaire Trash Compactor, and Frigidaire Wine Cooler repair. If you need Frigidaire appliance repaired or serviced in the Houston area. Our Frigidaire appliance repair technicians carry most Frigidaire appliance parts. For fast and reliable Frigidaire appliance repair and service in the Houston area call us today!

Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire began as the Guardian Refrigerator Company in 1916 when it was founded by an engineer and a group of investors and an engineer. The refrigerator had a compressor that was solidly fixed in the machine’s base which was different than all previous refrigerators. Their factory made these refrigerators by hand and it took as long as two weeks to build each If you still have one of these machines that doesn’t work, you can call My Appliance Repair Houston to get it fixed. In 1918 General Motors bought the company and changed its name to Frigidaire and began adapting their considerable knowledge about manufacturing production to the manufacturing of refrigerators at a Detroit plant. The result was that they were able to rapidly produce a quality product that was reasonably priced and that same year their refrigerators were in stores. They acquired all the design patients in 1919 and the company became the Frigidaire Corporation. Production was moved to Dayton in Ohio in 1921 where they shared a factory with a subsidiary of General Electric which produced electrical generators. The production of refrigerators was doing well enough that in 1926 it was moved into a large purpose built plant in Moraine, Ohio. The production of soda fountain machines, ice cream In the 1930s there were two major new important technical advances that included the development of a brand new refrigerant called Freon and the introduction of a more efficient sealed compressor. Frigidaire was one company that actually grew and prospered during the depression and even branched into other household appliances including heaters, ovens, dryers, and washers. If you still have some of these appliances and they need repair, you should call My Appliance Repair Houston to get it repaired. World War II stopped the production of commercial goods and the priority was changed to the production of various aircraft parts and Browning machine guns. In 1945 the company was again allowed to produce refrigerators. By this time the company was producing waste disposals, dishwashers, and automotive air conditioners in addition to its already impressive array of products. Success and growth continued until in the 70s when the cost of production and the competition caused GE to sell Frigidaire to White Consolidated Industries. The company retained the Frigidaire name and continued to produce Frigidaire household appliances. Again, if you own any of the appliances that need repair, your best bet is to call A-1 Appliance Repair Houston. We know our appliances like our competitors never will!