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U Line Appliances

The U Line Corporation is located in North American and manufactures upscale under counter refrigeration products that are mainly designed for residential use.U Line has since introduced additional other under counter appliances including the first portable ice maker and combination ice maker/refrigerator in 1971, the first 12v DC mobile/marine ice maker in 1983, and the first wine refrigeration system made for residential use in 1985.

In 1962 Henry Uihlein started his own company, named it U Line, and started producing one of his own inventions. He named his company U Line, which was a phonetic representation of his German name. His invention was an under counter ice maker made for residential use. The popularity of the under counter ice maker advanced the funding of further research and development into additional refrigeration products. The U Line Corporation today produces numerous under counter combinations of wine storage systems, freezers, refrigerators, and ice makers. Many of these products include such advanced features as temperature control that is dual zoned for of wine storage systems. The company has also developed a line of drawers that were refrigerated. We love what we do and even the history of the product. You can trust us with your appliance.

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