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GE Monogram Appliances- a history

The GE line of appliances includes GE Profile and GE Monogram series. General Electric has a long line of other appliances.

GE appliances range from air conditioning systems to dishwashers to chillers. Most of the GE appliance reviews on various websites and in magazines are primarily favorable.

GE is one of the biggest companies in the world, and is highly rated in the Fortune 500 rankings and is a successful business that produces successful products.
Primarily as a result of this success, the GE Monogram is striving to make household appliances that are of even better quality. The Monogram Collection was designed to be both energy efficient to preserve resources and stylish to meet your home decor needs.

The reviews of GE Monogram appliances are a mixed bag of bad and good. They’re a complement to the aesthetics of your home and very stylish, but some folks are left with a lot to be desired. The GE Monogram appliances are easily within reach of most folk’s price wise, but some products such as the 12′ trash compactor seem to be unreliable. If this is one of your problems and your GE trash compactor doesn’t work, you need to call My Appliance Repair Houston to have it fixed.

The reviews for GE Monogram Wine Cooler are sporadic at best. The product looks classy and is well crafted, but there seems to be a common complaint that there is the lack of space between the shelves. This makes it more difficult to cool the wine bottles.

One GE Monogram appliance that has gotten good reviews is their electric single stove. It operates effectively and swiftly with its special cooking process, speeds cooking by light. This permits the stove to reduce the cooking time by 1/8th of a conventional cooker. This technology isn’t exactly microwave cooking, although the oven can also be used as a 950 watt microwave.

The GE Monogram Under Counter Beverage Center is another of those products that has a somewhat undefined review. The center is great to look at as are all the Monogram appliances, but the reviews give it a rather low rating as a result of a single complaint which is that the drinks are not always cold enough. If you are having this problem, let My Appliance Repair Houston see if we can’t help.

It’s very clear that the GE Monogram appliance line stands out from the regular line as a result of the effort put into the cultured design and the appearance.

Nevertheless if you have bought a GE Monogram appliance and it isn’t working as it should be, call My Appliance Repair Houston.