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Asko Appliance Repair Houston Authorized Service

A-1 Appliance Repair is Houston’s premiere Asko Appliance Repair Center. If you are in need of Appliance repair in the Houston area we are the ones to call. We have been proudly serving the Houston area for years. A-1 Appliance Repair Houston offers Asko appliance repair free estimates. We specialize in Asko Washer Repair, Asko Dryer repair, Asko Dishwasher repair. If you need Asko appliance repaired or serviced in the Houston area. Our Asko appliance repair technicians carry most Asko appliance parts. For fast and reliable Asko appliance repair and service in the Houston area call today!

Asko Appliance Repair


A home’s kitchen is the natural gathering place where most people start and end each day. It is the social place where the whole family gets together to eat the days meals. In the kitchen, we enjoy our meals, meet with our neighbors and enjoy each other’s company, day after day and year after year. The kitchen must therefore be well thought out in both aesthetics and function. We want our machines to be user friendly, as quiet as possible, and be durable and be of high quality. ASKO offers a total range of kitchen products that are high quality, durable, and eye pleasing.

Hot Air Cooker

Asko’s hot air cooker is ideal for the functional and modern kitchen. The unit has good insulation and is combined with a powerful hot air element that provides an even temperature which in turn ensures that buns and cakes are baked evenly.


Asko offers a new flexible 4 level rack system with up to 7 baskets and the world’s largest loading height. The new generation XXL and XL dishwasher enables you more place settings and the ability to wash larger loads than ever before.


Asko understands the high demands you place on these appliances. They have to be easy to clean, smartly planned, and durable. All our cooling products have lots of space which makes them easy to re model to fit your needs.

Laundry Care – Washers and Dryers

ASKO is serious about laundry rooms. Their laundry care concept offers customers tasteful appliances that blend perfectly into any setting without losing any of their functionality. Their range of drying cabinets, tumble dryers, and washing machines combine to form a harmonizing, functional, and eye pleasing setup. Since most people spend a considerable amount of time doing our laundry, there is every reason to make the laundry room both practical and pleasant. Asko’s dryers offer numerous advantages about how to handle wet clothes. The large drum with 7 kg capacity dries your clothes without creasing or bundling them, and much of your normal ironing can be avoided.

A drying cabinet offers you an organized drying of your family’s gloves, shoes, shirts, and sweaters. They all get tucked away to dry faster and gentler so that you won’t have wet clothes drying and hanging on shower rods and doorknobs.