OH NO! My Washer is FLOODING!

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Flooding and also over-sudsing problems occur for several reasons. Soft water requires less detergent than hard water.
Also, be sure to take precautionary measures when possible in order, to prolong the life of your washer. For instance, if you pre-treat your clothes, you will need less detergent to get them clean on average. Many times the pre-treatment can add to sudsing in the washer. If you use an oxygenated bleach, this can contribute to over-soaping as well over time. Adjust detergent levels accordingly for hard or soft water, load size, water temperature, and amounts and types of soils on clothing. Sheets, bed linens, thick covers and towels should always be set to a heavy load and not overfilled.

If you want to get rid of excessive suds, advance the timer to the final spin cycle, and then re-wash the clothing without adding detergent to it. Repeat as necessary until the wash and rinse water is clear.

And remember, there’s no substitute for just keeping an eye on it and turning it off!! After that- Give us a call! A-1 is the best and we are Houston’s washer repair experts!

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