My Oven Temperature is RUINING My Life

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The oven is a vital part of life especially for any fellow foodies out there! Having an oven that heats up slowly or one that overheats is an oven that will consistently ruin foods, appetites and potential art cuisine too!
Below are a few easy tricks of the trade but remember- if all else fails. Call one of our appliance repair pro’s at A-1. We will be able to do same day oven repair anywhere in Houston!

Your oven thermostat is preset at the factory. Many models will allow you to adjust the thermostat. Over time, it is possible for your thermostat to lose its calibration. This is a common problem for older models.

Also, you may be able to adjust your oven thermostat using a small screwdriver. The adjusting screw is located on the thermostat valve stem. Try removing the knob and you’ll see the screw underneath it. You want to turn the oven on and run it through at least two cycles while watching a calibrating thermometer in the oven for high and low temperatures. Adjust the screw as necessary to fine tune the temperature. Be sure to pay close attention.

Note that some ranges have a calibration plate or ring instead of a screw. The ring is located on the back side of the thermostat knob and is sometimes large. Refer to your owner’s manual for your product if you want to calibrate your thermostat using that method. It may also be available online.

And remember, if all else fails- give the repair pro’s a call! We available for same day repair work anywhere in Houston!

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